Santé Drinks

‘To your health’

We invite you along the scenic route to La Rue Verte, where more mindful moments await. Santé is a toast to your health, distilling a sense of calm with every vitamin-enriched drop. Water-soluble CBD dissolves into your refreshment of choice, modifying its feeling without compromising on flavour.

An adjunct to augment your evening, or a new alternative aperitif — Santé empowers you to flourish with or without alcohol.

A Vitamin-enriched water soluble CBD formulation for hot and cold drinks. Designed not to alter the flavour profile of the drink but to enhance the connection to health and bring a dynamic equilibrium to any drinking ritual.
Our perfect serve has CBD along with 25% RDA of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 2000mg CBD per 100ml 0.25ml = 5mg CBD
+ 25% RDA Vit C +Vit B12 Do not exceed 70mg of CBD per day

Le Jardin

5mg CBD
12.5ml of clementine, orange and bergamot cordial
12.5ml of
Rhubarb and rose cordial
25ml fresh  lime juice
Topped up with elderflower tonic
Garnished with a bay leaf and a blackberry.

Parisian Sunrise

5mg CBD
12.5ml cranberry pomegranate cordial
12.5ml of fresh lime juice
50ml Cranberry juice
50ml of pineapple juice (shake to create foam)
Garnishes with a pineapple leaf


5mg CBD
25ml lime juice
25ml elderflower cordial
50ml pressed apple juice
25ml pineapple juice
Garnished with a dehydrated lime wheel

CBD high ball

5mg CBD
25ml pomegranate and cranberry cordial
25ml lemon juice
Topped up with blood orange soda
Garnished with a dehydrated lemon wheel and a mint sprig
La Rue Verte


Welcome to La Rue Verte, and welcome to the benefits of premium CBD skin care. The antithesis of unrest.
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