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Along with our one-of-a-kind treatments, we are also achieving a 3-pronged skin care regime through La Rue Verte. Our products boast anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which work in harmony with the CBD Facial & Body Massage. We have pioneered very specific protocols and new technologies that take all of the biological science of CBD into consideration and aim to directly increase the efficacy of the therapeutic application of CBD. A truly authentic CBD offering.

Our luxury skin care products are designed to create a feeling through the body & mind. We use safe, active ingredients from the Cannabis Sativa plant to promote equilibrium by stimulating the body’s natural Endocannabinoid system. Our professional treatments use potent 5% CBD formulations, while our retail range uses a sustainable and strong 1% which is perfect for daily use, designed to help with balance in the skin’s cannabinoid tone.

Professional products containing 1000mg to 5000mg of CBD per product.

Hashtag Organics

Hashtag Organics is an innovative and passionate industry leader specialising in the development of CBD products for the UK and International market. We are passionate about driving the absolute best in standard into the CBD industry and we hope this can now translate into the beauty and spa sector.

This isn’t just a standard treatment with an oral tincture at the start, this is a layered CBD experience, with each part of the treatment designed to increase the efficacy of the CBD and ultimately target any concerns covered by the client in consultation. There are up to 9 processes of CBD in the CBD Facial treatment, for example. This allows Spas to offer an authentic CBD treatment to the client, and from a very innovative and new segment of the industry. You could call this a holistic approach to Spa business as our focus is the benefit being delivered to the client but attractive economies being achieved for the business

— Emma, Director, Hashtag Organics LTD

Extra information

All of our CBD treatments are paired with our meditations which comprise of guided walks through the ‘La Rue Verte’ neighbourhood. As a spa partner, we warmly welcome you to this serene destination, and a story that will enrapture your clients during the treatment & beyond. Creating a positive ‘neuro-association’ through the meditative brand messaging not only elevates the product’s rate of efficacy, it establishes a connection with the brand on a level that’s more than skin-deep.
Throughout the courses you will also gain an understanding of how to identify the client’s individual needs, their skin type, any possible conditions, and how to adapt your treatment to these accordingly. All whilst being fully compliant. These bespoke treatments start with a therapist consultation, allowing each client to experience their own oasis of heavenly calm.
Professional products are dosed perfectly for clear economies and training. all containing 1000mg to 5000mg of CBD per product.

All professional products are supplied in glassware for beautiful design and luxury aesthetic. As part of our sustainability program we offer refill packaging or a refilling service. This limits product and package wastage along with cutting average packaging weight, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

The Eco-credentials of Hemp are profound therefore, we also offer a range of 100% hemp cloth treatment cloths, mitts and facial pads to limit the use of cotton. These offer a biodegradable offering that is close to our beloved Hemp plant source.

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