Christmas Gift Set

La Rue Verte welcomes you to the beautiful changes that come with the winter chill, inspired by many beautiful forms of water as a life-source.
This holiday season is designed to bring in an instantly fresh, cool awakening for the ultimate feeling of youth.

Body Balm

Embracing the shadow of winter, menthol and camphor cools the body to a state of deep relaxation. A lustrous freshness awakens tired souls with this deep, ice-cold blend, La Rue Verte's favourite product - Soothing Body Balm.

Ageless Lotion

Be frozen in time with LRV’s Ageless lotion, designed to deeply nourish and protect skin from harsh winter conditions, a sense of youth, frozen…the time to reconnect with you.


    Complete your La Rue Verte experience with ‘Santé' -  a toast to your health, distilling a sense of cool and calm with every vitamin-enriched drop. Santé is a Water-soluble CBD with added vitamins which dissolves into your refreshment of choice, modifying its feeling without compromising on flavour. 

INCI Ingredients


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